Super Wynther

Issue 2, Page 15

Wait and See.

Little by little, we are revealing exactly what Darkfang's powers and abilities are. So far, it has been shown that he is actually composed of two identities, both of which can function independently but acting under one mind.

His "normal" side doesn't show any particular abilities or powers...yet.

His "darkside" speaks in a colder, more outworldly voice, though only noticeable when one truly listens. He can teleport from one place to another by moving through the shadows. He was also able to "conjure" up a set of clothes for himself.

Physically speaking, his darkside is more muscular than his normal self and almost looks identical, except for some differences. His eyes are glowing blood red in color, his fur is much darker than his normal self and his muzzle does not have the light color.

Another of Darkfang's abilities revealed. His two consciousness can occupy either body whenever he wants to. Pretty convenient at times, but it has some drawbacks as shown today. His normal self is a multi-millionaire businessman and it would raise complications if his other body "dies". Darkfang still has plans he needs to accomplish.

More will be revealed as the story continues.

Story by wynther_knight
Pencils by Levi
Colors by rhanlav
Edited by hallan

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